tar –help

gzip 압축하기 tar -czfv 파일명 압축대상디렉토리&파일 gzip 압축풀기 tar -xzfv 파일명 [압축풀디렉토리명] tar 사용법?관련글 : http://blog.keun.kr/471 Usage: tar [OPTION…] [FILE]… GNU `tar’ saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive. Examples: ? tar -cf archive.tar foo bar? # Create archive.tar from files foo and bar. ? tar -tvf archive.tar???????? # List all files in archive.tar verbosely. ? tar -xf archive.tar????????? # Extract all files from archive.tar. ?Main operation mode: ? -A, –catenate, –concatenate?? append tar files to an archive ? -c, –create?????????????? create a new archive ? -d, –diff, Continue reading tar –help