JQuery 에서 Select Box 제어 하기

// 현재 선택되어진 select box의 값 읽기
// Get selected value
$("#myselectbox option:selected").val();
// Get selected text
$("#myselectbox option:selected").text();
// Get selected index
$("#myselectbox option").index($("#myselectbox option:selected"));
// Select box의 Selected 값 설정
// Set the element at index 2 to be selected
$("#myselect option:eq(2)").attr("selected", "selected");
// Set the selected element by text
$("#myselect").val("Text1").attr("selected", "selected");
// Set the selected element by value
// Select box의 option 추가
// Add option to the end of a select
$("#myselectbox").append("<option value='value1'>text1</option>");
// Add option to the start of a select
$("#myselectbox").prepend("<option value='value1'>text1</option>");
// Insert an item in after a particular position
$("#myselect option:eq(0)").after("<option value='Value4'>Text4</option>");
// Insert an item in before a particular position
$("#myselect option:eq(3)").before("<option value='Value5'>Text5</option>");
// Select box의 option 변경
// Replace all the options with new options
$("#myselect").html("<option value='value1'>New Text1</option>
<option value='Value2'>New Text2</option>");
// Replace items at a certain index
$("#myselect option:eq(1)").replaceWith("<option value='Value2'>New Text2</option>");
// Select box의 option 삭제
// Remove an item at a particular index
$("#myselect option:eq(0)").remove();
// Remove first item
$("#myselect option:first").remove();
// Remove last item
$("#myselect option:last").remove();

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